Tanning Shop Insurance

Tanning Shop Insurance


Tanning Shop Insurance

When you’re looking for low cost tanning shop insurance, the internet holds the key. Protecting your tan shop is a very clever move for tan shop owners because there are so many different things that could go wrong.

In these stressful times, you need to protect yourself from all types of potential losses. Don’t let cheap tanning shop insurance fall through the cracks. Go and do some comparison shopping to find the best balance of coverage, limits and premiums.

You may be surprised at what you can really do here.

Public Liability Insurance

Your shop insurance policy will include public liability insurance as standard; this is the most common aspect of this insurance because the public will largely be using your sun beds, spray tan booths and other equipment.

Protecting Your Sun Beds

This type of insurance policy will cover your sun beds from fire, damage and theft. One important aspect of tan shop insurance is your shop contents. The insurance will pay an amount of cash that your business has to pay up front to get your sun beds or other equipment repaired in the event of an accident.

In general, the more equipment you have, the higher your monthly premium, so be sure you strike a balance where you can pay the premiums and still cover the shop contents.

Be Careful

Tan shop insurance may or may not include some vital coverage like hire and reward insurance, if you hire out sun beds to the public. Be absolutely 100% certain that you have both on your policy only if you hire out your equipment.

This protects your equipment from being damaged by customers who either has no insurance at all or not enough to cover your damages. In either case, if the accident is their fault, you do not pay for the damage.

Very important in today’s economy, folks!

Tanning Shop Insurance


Finding Cheap Cover

I know all of this sounds like a lot of stuff to consider. The truth is that cheap tan shop insurance can be purchased that includes all the services and cover you need. Just because the word “cheap” is there does not mean that you have to suffer a loss.

Your tan shop is an investment, so protect it with one good tanning shop insurance policy that fills the gaps that protects your customers and your tan shop contents.

Compare tanning shop insurance quotes from top UK insurer’s right here.