Restaurant Insurance


Restaurant Insurance

When you need restaurant insurance, there are many options available to choose from, from many different insurance companies. To cut to the chase, we have some general tips that will reduce the time in finding better insurance for your restaurant in no time at all.


Insurance for a restaurant is so scalable and flexible and that’s why all restaurants are different to insure. You need to protect staff, your customers and your restaurant itself.

Public liability insurance will cover your customers, in the case of good positioning, one of your customers tripping up or getting hurt in your premises. This cover will come as standard when you take a restaurant insurance policy out with any company.

There a lot of things that can happen in a restaurant environment and that’s why public liability insurance is a must to keep you safe as a restaurant owner.

Next, your employees need to be protected.

Employers’ liability insurance is a legal insurance just like car insurance, but only if you employ staff and in all cases, restaurants need staff to operate. This insurance will cover against staff injury and staff claims to your business. This cover is the employer’s safety net and is a must have.


How many comparison systems are they available online? Yes, that’s right, too many to mention. There is a shortcut to cheaper and good restaurant cover from using the internet and that’s available right here at CNDI.

CNDI is not an insurance company but we can point you in the right direction. CNDI have borrowed a leading comparison system that compares restaurant quotes from only the best restaurant insurers in the UK.

Once you fill in the quote form, you can get quotes and build a restaurant policy that suits your business to a tee. You can protect your staff, your customers, and your building all with one great company by using one simple quote from that works!

Restaurant Insurance

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