Life Insurance for People with Health Problems

life insurance for people with health problems

Life insurance for people with health problems can be a bit tricky to get a policy started but it can be been depending on your condition when you apply.

Life insurance has changed over the year because of new science and technology; in fact, 20 years ago it would be very tough indeed to even get a life insurance policy issued if you had any major health problems, now you can.

Policies have opened up their criteria for new applicants no matter what health problems you have as long as it’s not a critical or terminal illness.

What You Must Consider

When you look at life insurance for people with health problems you must consider you will probably pay a high premium because you’re a higher risk than someone with no health issues, that’s the obvious bit.

You policy will probably only pay for funeral costs and other small costs when you die so if you have any savings in the bank to cover this, a life insurance policy is not always necessary.

It’s a bit like saving for your funeral.

Will I Need a Medical?

It’s not always necessary, again depending on your condition and what you have told the insurance company in the first place. They will usually take your word for it but remember some insurers insist on a medical before you will granted a policy.

Will They Use My Doctor or Their Own?

Most insurance companies have their own doctor and you usually have to visit their doctor that’s near to you, usually the nearest city to you is probably. Sometimes a report from your own doctor may be requested if you give them permission to do so.

At the end of the day its all about asking and see if you’re eligible, again this depends on your health problem.

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life insurance for people with health problems