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fish and chip shop insurance

Fish and Chip Shop Insurance

When you’re busy serving fish and chips, you need great fish and chip shop insurance that protects your business from liability. The good news is it’s not that hard to find over the internet with the help of good informative websites like this one.

The Process of Great Chip Shop Insurance

If you have been in business long or are currently starting out, then you are probably well aware of the need to be insured. Chip shops can be known to be dangerous, and with good reason.

Chip shops operate gas appliances and hot fat fryers every day and that can be hazardous if there is a gas leek or a staff member burns themselves when their working for you.

Anything can happen, that’s why you need good chippy insurance.

That being the case, it becomes more than possible for one to become involved in an accident, and if this were to happen, you would certainly want to make sure you are carrying at least some type of liability insurance for your chip shop.

Finding Good Chip Shop Insurance

The problem with obtaining shop insurance is that it can be rather difficult to find the package you need, especially considering the sheer number of options that exist out there.

That being said, let’s talk about those options and how you might go about choosing one for your business and its employees The cardinal rule to remember here is that you absolutely do NOT want to rush when it comes to choosing your insurance.

fish and chip shop insurance

Choosing Cover

If you can help it, make sure you do not choose the lowest level of coverage possible. This might seem like the right thing to do at some point, and you will save money if you choose liability coverage, but there are a few scenarios that can occur that will decimate that line of thought in a matter of seconds.

First of all, you might find yourself or a staff member involved in an accident that is not covered by the insurance policy, and such accidents are usually known neglect of health and safety.

For instance, if you were to burn yourself badly or one of your staff members burns themselves, and you didn’t provide them with proper clothing, you would simply not be covered and you would end up paying for the claim.

That could mean the end of your business…


There is no need to for such things to happen in your chip shop, protect you, your staff and your bricks and mortar business with the best fish and chip shop insurance you can find.

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