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Car Insurance Comparison Sites
Car insurance comparison sites have exploded across the internet, with each site promising to compare insurers and save the motorist money and time on their insurance premiums. Using comparison sites can work, the premise of aggregating insurer rates all on a single site is a sound one.

Driving or phoning all the place, then trying to compare quotes and covers between companies can be a tremendous time sink.

Using a car insurance comparison site like CNDI is simpler and far more economical. However, not all comparison sites are created equal, nor do they compare equally.

Let’s look at some of the more common problems that can occur in using car insurance comparison sites.

How Many Insurers are Represented on Insurance Comparison Sites

When you call around or drive around speaking to brokers and comparing rates, you choose the companies based on what you know about them and which you can contact.

When using a car comparison site for insurance the site will choose which companies are represented and that are compared.

Now, the selection of insurers may almost surely be larger than what the motorist might be able to contact on their own.

Before relying entirely upon an online time-saving comparison site, it is important to verify which insurers are represented.

There are several large UK car insurance comparison sites who are not listed on any comparison site as they deal only with the motorist.

It is important that if one of these insurers is missing from the comparison site the motorist obtains a quote on their own to supplement the quotes received from a comparison site.

Car Insurance Comparison SitesUsing Car Insurance Comparison Sites the Right Way

There are many factors that can affect the insurance rates of a motorist, the area in which they live, the crime rate, accident rates, the distance they drive regularly and more. Some car insurance comparison sites will ask for the smallest amount of information possible.

Other car insurance comparison sites may ask for fuller details and require a longer form to receive a quote.

It is vital to understand without a relatively long form and giving at least at least some details the quote can be less than accurate.

There are simply too many factors that can affect premiums to determine an accurate rate with only a name and a postal code or a car model inserted into the form.

Cheap car insurance is more important than ever to the average motorist is when the economy is tight. Therefore, a lot of emphases is placed on obtaining the cheapest quote possible. However cheap car insurance is chosen the motorist may also want to ensure that service is at least adequate from the insurer and that the necessary features are included.

Car insurance comparison sites are superb tools when used correctly. They can deliver quotes from insurers in minutes that could take hours or days to gather by hand.  The results can be seen at a glance and the policies sorted by not only price but by features.

Be Aware of Sponsored Comparisons

Car insurance comparison sites survive by commissions from referrals to insurers. Some insurance providers will also buy advertising space on these sites. There is nothing wrong with either since it merely gives the motorist more choices and raises awareness of potential services.

However, it is important not to assume because a company appears first on a comparison and is rated as sponsored or premium, that it is better than another company is, not by comparing the rates and services.

Assure yourself the insurers being compared are offering the same amount of cover; the excess amount is the same for all the insurers. If there are major differences then it may be more difficult to sort through and find the best one for the circumstances.

Service can vary from company to company and that is a fact whether the insurance is obtained online, via a broker or directly through the provider or by referral from a car insurance comparison site.

However, if service and extras are important (and they usually are) then after comparing the rates it is always a good idea to investigate the fine print in policies. Ask around if the insurer is unknown to you and find out if friends have had any experience with them, either good or bad.

Car Insurance Comparison SitesIt’s Great You Can Pay in Instalments

Some companies will offer an instalment program whereby insurance can be automatically deducted from a debit card on a monthly basis. This can be an excellent service and extremely convenient.

However, the cost of this convenience can be as much as one-third more than paying the premiums annually with some companies. Some insurance providers charge nothing for this and the rates for both annual and for instalment premiums should be compared.

Car insurance comparison sites are tools, and like any tool how well they work depends on upon how they are used.  When used wisely these car insurance comparison sites can be as much of a time saver as the invention of the automobile has been the horse and cart.

The requirements are that the driver understands what they want or need in cover and that what they are comparing is the same as well. Comparing the price of comprehensive with one company against the third party with another would probably leave the motorist bewildered and seldom will result in useful information.

Information at Your Fingertips

The online world runs on information, as does our exterior world. The more information you can provide a car comparison site, the more accurate the quotes is going to be. If a car insurance site doesn’t have a form long enough to find out about a couple of accidents, some traffic citations, extra drivers or even excess miles, the quote is likely to be far too low.

When using car insurance comparison sites the motorist may want to consider a longer form beneficial particularly if there are special circumstances.

Emphasis on low premiums is a big factor for most comparisons, but the emphasis on service, extras and accurately comparing like features to like is important to get an accurate quote and comparison that will be useful.

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Car Insurance Comparison Sites