Butcher Shop Insurance

Butcher Shop Insurance

Butcher Shop Insurance

Butcher Shop Insurance: Get protected and be safe while running your business!

Being a butcher in this crazy world takes some guts, with the spread of E. coli and other bacterial diseases, you need to be covered for this. All it takes is one outbreak and it’s game over for your business.

This is the worst that could happen to your business but you need to take this into consideration at all times because you never know what could happen, and best of all it might not be your fault.

Keeping safe when running your business

It’s all about liability and the blame when it comes down to it, let insurance companies deal with this because these kinds of nightmares could send you over the edge.

It happened to John Barr butchers in the Lanarkshire area of Wishaw in 1996. He went bust and was named and shamed. The results of that were devastating, 21 people died as the world’s worst outbreak of E. coli happened from this butcher shop.

John Barr didn’t comply with food standards and as a result, he suffered, you can read more about it here from the official BBC report.

This butcher shop was insured, his insurance was a disaster as he didn’t comply with the correct guidelines as he failed to do his job properly.

We are not saying this is going to happen to you as you run a very respectable business and butcher shop, with the right insurance for your butcher shop from a company that has the experience dealing with butchers, you’ll be in safe hands.

Top Tip

Remember when insurance investigators look into your business they can find things to consider for not paying out and that could leave you liable. Just make sure your cleaning schedule is up to date and make sure your employees are properly trained and you’ll be fine.

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