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Greenflag – Having a Closer Look!

Rescue – Standard Breakdown

Rescue is the first level of cover from Greenflag breakdown which offers 24-hour roadside assistance all year round, including Christmas day and New Years day.

Please note: This cover excluded protection if you breakdown at home.

Also with this cover:

  • If you breakdown, you’ll get towed to your nearest local garage for free, if any repairs are required you’ll be liable for costs involved.
  • No, call out charge
  • Message service

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Rescue Plus – Included Breakdowns at Your Home

With Rescue Plus, you get all this above including extra member benefits including:

Cover at Home: Where if you breakdown at home, Greenflag comes out and fix the problem right there and then, if they can off course.

Recovery – Long Distance Breakdowns

Again, add Rescue and Rescue Plus but cover at Home is not included. Recovery is for drivers that require long distance breakdown cover, also add these.

  • If you break down, get towed to the nearest garage for free, any repairs required, you’ll be liable for costs.
  • No call out charge, ever
  • Includes Greenflag message service

Recovery Plus

Get all the benefits of Rescue and Rescue Plus but this level of cover is a bit different, have a look.

Basically, you get everything apart from Euro Plus cover for breakdowns in European countries.

Euro Plus

If you’re travelling through Europe, then this is the cover you want.  Euro Plus offers you a complete 90 day cover for breakdowns in European countries. If you’re a traveller and love the outdoors, keep safe with this protection from Greenflag.

Remember. Greenflag covers your vehicle to give you peace of mind it and remember, it does not matter who’s driving it, your mum, dad or any friends that drive the car.

Here’s a Reminder of What You Get

Greenflag breakdown insurance have an average of 42 minutes call out response from when you call them, that’s just as good, if not better than the AA breakdown insurance.

If you’re looking for good breakdown insurance, then there are a few things to know. You must first consider what level of insurance coverage you want to give your cars and vans. The more substantial the amount, the higher lever of cover and peace of mind you will have, and besides, it’s only fair, you pay for what you get.

What To Consider

You must also consider whether you want to give you car the full monty protection or just the standard kind of cover. In some cases, there are definite reasons and advantages to giving certain levels more than others, as some of them might need it or deserve it more.

Finally, you must decide whether your breakdown cover will be able to increase their policy or coverage by use of part of they pay.

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