Army Life Insurance

Army Life Insurance

Army Life Insurance

If you’re in the British Army, an Army life insurance policy is usually issued as a compulsory policy measure, especially if you have ever been to Iraq fighting for your country. Private soldiers can take out a civilian life insurance policy out so they have two, one from the Army and the other from a private life insurance company.

Why Take Out a Separate Policy?

There are a few different reasons why, as the Army may only have cover for accidental death while you’re in the front line. Or maybe they Army may not cover you for the amount you want to be insured for.

If you were to be injured, no life insurance policy would pay out as a life insurance policy would only pay out if your die. Many soldiers have a young family and a separate policy could be for mortgage protection so you know your family is ok for housing if you die while away working abroad.

Mortgage Protection

One policy could be for mortgage protection and the other Army policy could be money in the bank for your wife or children. It’s up to you to make these decisions when you’re thinking about life insurance and your families’ future if they left in this world without you.

Life Insurance as an Investment

Many Army officers use a life insurance policy as an investment for their family, which protects and secures some money them if you were to fall serving your country. Knowing you have a policy in place is a good feeling as a soldier posted in Iraq or any other country where there is a civil war going on.

Army Life Insurance


Finding a Suitable Policy Right Here

You can use this website to compare insurance companies that you may be considering purchasing a policy from and request a quote using a simple form on the site, a process which only takes a few minutes at the most.

Quotes are returned to you almost instantly and from there, you can decide whether you want to learn more or to continue looking elsewhere for a policy. It’s quick and easy, though it can still take a while going from insurer’s site to insurer’s site to find a policy that meets your needs while fitting into your budget at the same time.

Do It All Online

There’s another way to use CNDI to get Army life insurance quotes; one which can save you, even more, time. This quote system is based on a simple form which you can fill in to contact the best life insurance companies, all this can done for free and it won’t cost you a penny.

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