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Car insurance for young drivers is always going to be expensive, no matter where you turn.

Young driver insurance is charged at a higher rate and the only reason is we all know is lack of experience + higher risks. That’s what every insurance business model works around. You have a few option for young drivers insurance and drivers who have just pass their test.

Here’s a few…

  • Put them on the more experienced driver’s policy
  • Start a policy from scratch and work up a no-claims bonus
  • Get a black box fitted or no policy

What if we could give you a different way of comparing quotes?

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Why is this?

It’s all about reducing risk to your son, daughter or family member. Keeping them safer because they value the cost of this monthly payment and want to keep their license with a re-sit because of point and driving charges.

And again

Well, simply because of young people all responsible for more accidents on the road than anyone else.

This can be down to a few reasons. It could simply be because young people are relatively foolhardy and are likely to drive more recklessly than others. It could also be because they are relatively experienced and therefore more likely to cause accidents.

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It This Unfair or Fair?

Whatever the reason, young drivers are always charged higher premiums for their young driver’s insurance policy. This may seem somewhat unfair to those who believe they are very safe drivers, but this is simply the policy line that insurance providers will take.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you, as a young driver, have to pay the same amount as others for your insurance policy.

Put The Effort into Searching = Results

Thankfully, with a little bit of effort, there are things that you can do in order to reduce the cost of your policy. One of these will simply involve comparing quotes and gathering these from specialist insurance providers that deal with young drivers.

If you can gather quotes from these providers then you may find some more affordable options.

Get Quotes on The System

In many cases, you will find that these types of quotes will come with certain stipulations. If you are willing to agree to the stipulations then you can save a fair amount of money on your policies. For example, a common stipulation that you may not be able to drive after a certain time of night or that you may not be allowed to drive on the motorway.

If you can agree to these then you can save some cash.

  • Did they take the pass plus course?
  • Did they buy a suitable car for staring a policy?
  • Are they willing to fit a black box?

If so, ask if you can add yourself to their policy. Often it is a lot cheaper to do this rather than having to purchase your own policy separately and therefore you can save some money through this method.

Is The Black Box Option for You?

It is also a good idea to think about the black box option because you know as a parent who your son or daughter is behaving on the road. By doing this they’ll demonstrate responsibility and there are a few things that you can so they know you are watching them and that’s a good thing without being creepy.

An example would be getting reports of speed in MPH on a 30 MPH road and even how they drive on the motorway. This can offer the young driver a better learning experience on the motorway or around the street driving.

What Can You See as a Parent?

As a parent, you might want to keep an eye on driving habits of your loved ones, as keeping them safe could be handy to deter crazy driving like trying drag racing on the public highway. There are too many accidents caused by not learning about the road properly, that could have saved lives that we hear about every week in the news.

  • Are they showing off to their mates?
  • Do they show a constant sign of speeding in populated areas?
  • Get rewarded for good driving the following year, great!

What You Want to Be

This seems to demonstrate to young drivers insurance providers that you are a responsible person and that you are likely to drive responsibly as a result.

  • Maybe you could find a safe driving course like the pass plus course. This is another excellent way of demonstrating that you are responsible and you could be able to save money if you take a driving course that is associated and linked to a specific young driver insurance provider.
  • While you may not be able to get the best value on the insurance policies that you are looking for right now, these are always going to be dropping as you get older. As such, make sure that you maintain a good driving record and that your credit rating remains good if you want to try to get cheaper policies down the line.

You also need to make sure that you look to your future.

Use The Young Driver Car Insurance Comparison Tool

It’s always a good idea to get at least 20 to 50 quotes from one place, it just saves you time and hopefully some money. If you quote and use our comparison tools, you can save up to 35% on young drivers insurance.


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